Golden Petals

 Hi, this is me again!

Now i came up with this fresh new idea that looks more simple and colorful then before. This gorgeous woman is my junior high school friend. You’re all know what makes her gorgeous? She could set right her face if i did her a wrong makeup! Hahaha. Oh oh but definitely no, this time i completely did everything by myself!


Model : Pradnya Paramitha L
MUA : Karin A

Well, she asked me to create a cleoptra look at first, but yap! i realize that i’ve just lost my blue eyeliner. BYE BYE CLEO maybe we’re gonna catch up next time! Yap i ended up move on to my green eyeliner.
My first move was just  simple as before, sketching with a pencil eyeliner.  It’d never fails to help you with everything. After finished with that, i started to apply black liquid eyeliner to the  upper lash line. Just made a thin line from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge.

Extend the black line about 1/4 inch past the outer edge of your eye. Gradually taper the line so that it looks like a sideways triangle. Curve the tip of the triangle slightly upward.

All the black have been applied all over the face, so it was time for colouring. I dab an aqua eyeshadow on the eyelids and over the entire eyelid with the gold shadow. Smooth some more shadow over your brow bone.Got back to the lower lashline coating the outer side of the aqua to create a more dramatic look. By the end i applied a thick coat of black mascara to the upper and lower eyelash line to make the extender looks more natural.

Well girls, hope you’re all happy with this post. See ya soon on my goldie look post! 


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