The Pentagon


Today i’d like to present you all my two-way-look, the goldies and the black pentagon eyes. These two make up was basicly created by the same process but end up with different colours. So here let me tell you what happened.


Just like another looks, i started with a good concealer. I applied 3 dots of concealer to hide dark circles under each eye using my ring finger until it disappears. The ring finger was known to possess the lightest pad. Before i wen t on the eyes things, I applied the eye base to each lid. Eye base is known to be the key to keep the shadow intact for hours together. For the golden look, It was essential to use a 2-toned shadow for the desired effect.  To make it easier i used an eye pencil first before started to colouring all the things (as usual).  I’ve started building from lids to brows with the gold eyeshadow and then continou with the pink. It was equally important to blend the shades into each other just like rainbow colors merge beautifully. After done with the eyeshadow, i went on the eyeliner. I lined each eyes closer to the upper lashes started from the inner corner towards the outer corner. All the process was almost done so i straped the lashes extender and applied mascara to make them look more gorgeous. This golden look blow up a glamorous effect on the face. I thought this one was fit with the face but suddenly i anted to try a different things so i changed the colour into black.

Model : Tessa Nurfitri
MUA : Karin A

The black one was almost the same. I’ve just changed the golden eyeshadow into black and coated it double with the eyeliner. This look is fierce and bold and i think this one is too much for my dear friend Tessa. The trial was much better at first rather than this second one. For me, she’s a lot more beautiful in Gold-Pink, what do you think?


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