Carnival Eyes


Model : Philareta
MUA : Karin A

So glad that you’re all keep visiting my blog over again. Here i was tried to create a carnival eyes. It was contained 6 different colour which are pink, orange, green, soft brown, blue and purple.

At first, i sketched the upper eyelid softly using the eye’s pencil. Just made a long thin line from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge. Curve the tip of the triangle slightly upward. I added the zig-zag,  then gradually taper the line so it look like a tripple-triangle. It’s quiet hard because i’ve to make sure that all the drawings are precisely symmetric to one another.

When i’ve finish with the sketches, i coated it with the black eyeliner until it fully filled. Applied the pink and orange eyeshadow on the outside of the triangle, pink first then orange. I went on it a couple times, due to make it bold. Got back to the eyelid i used the green for the outer and soft brown for the inner. It was important to blend the shades into each other to make it merge beautifully. I finished the lower lashline by coating the outer with the blue eyeliner and then dab the purple eyeshadow.

By the end a thick coat of black mascara was added to the upper and lower eyelash line and just like usual i was never forget the extender!