Sparkling B&W


Welcome to my blog. This is definitely my very first post and absolutely very first step of entering the make up thing. I'm the kind of newbie on this area but i hope you’re all enjoy my portofolio. 

  Model : Nadia Cindy Zenata
  MUA   : Karin A

What i’ve tried here was making a combination of the Black and the white but not in a darkness way.  So, i went on these shape of zebra-texture-combination. This created a more firm look but not rigid, i think. At the and of the making eyeshadow process i used silver color just to make it more glamorous. 

The most concern of this look is on the eyes, so use the eye primer! Coat the eyelids prior to the application of eyeshadow so that the makeup can be applied in a smooth, even layer, and so that it will stay in place on the eyelid. Primer works really well to boost the vibrancy of the eyeshadow color.

A little bit concealer also used to cover up the eyebrows. All i've tried was to heals everything and to create a neater look of my drawings. I used eyeliner with pencil to make a sketch and the liquid after so it could be done perfectly. Started to draw the lines along the eyelids and continue uplines to the eyebrows.

The zebra things was also has been drawn by pencil liner to prevent the failure (remember i'm an amateur). At the end i made it perfect by applied the black and white eyeshadow and also the silver sparks.

Well, this was my first trial on my best friend's face and there will be more faces next time. See you!


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